PEM Fellow Education Lead

Maya Harel-Sterling


Dr. Harel-Sterling is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine physician and Director of the POCUS Program at the Hospital for Sick Children.

She graduated from McGill University Medical School, completed her Paediatrics residency, Paediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship, and POCUS Fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children. She completed a Master’s Program in Health Practitioner Teacher Education throughthe Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

She leads POCUS training initiatves for medical students, PEM residents and fellows and is involved in medical education research, especially as it relates to competency setting and education in point-of-care ultrasound. 

Selected Publications

  • Harel-Sterling, M., Diallo, M., Santhirakumaran, S., Maxim, T., & Tessaro, M. (2019). Emergency Department Resource Use in Pediatric Pneumonia: Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasonography versus Chest Radiography. Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine38(2), 407–414. 
  • Harel-Sterling, M., Dai, R., Moraes, T. J., Boutis, K., Eiwegger, T., Narang, I., Lepine, C., Brydges, M. G., Dubeau, A., Subbarao, P., & Schuh, S. (2020). Test for respiratory and asthma control in preschool kids in the emergency department as a predictor of wheezing exacerbations. Pediatric pulmonology55(2), 338–345. 
  • Weidman, D., Scott, O., Jewitt, N., Jamal, A., Harel-Sterling, M., Au, H., & Punnett, A. (2019). PedLER: Pediatric Longitudinal Experience with Residents. Canadian medical education journal10(1), e134–e136.
  • Sterling, M., Al-Ismaili, Z., McMahon, K. R., Piccioni, M., Pizzi, M., Mottes, T., Lands, L. C., Abish, S., Fleming, A. J., Bennett, M. R., Palijan, A., Devarajan, P., Goldstein, S. L., O’Brien, M. M., & Zappitelli, M. (2017). Urine biomarkers of acute kidney injury in noncritically ill, hospitalized children treated with chemotherapy. Pediatric blood & cancer64(10), 10.1002/pbc.26538.